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Use Bad Reviews To Your Advantage

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Customers are more likely to voice their opinion about a negative experience that they had than a positive one. That’s just the way of life. Think about the last time you were looking for a restaurant to dine in, or maybe a hair salon to get a new haircut. Did you go and look at Google Reviews? Yelp? I know it’s the first thing I do before I even pick up the phone to make a reservation, or an appointment (or whatever have you).

According to, 84% of people trust the online review as much as a personal recommendation. Interestingly, 88% of those who read an online review form an opinion about their business (read more on these interesting stats here). And worst of, people tend to cling more to negative responses than positive. So, as little as one bad review can make or break your business.

But aren’t we all different and each one of us may seek their own perspective on a business experience? How can a business possibly anticipate all the different expectations? In a way, companies do need to hear about the bad experiences to learn from them and improve their service. But they also need to hear the good to reinforce what aspects of their business resonates with their customers.

Here is How You Can Take Advantage of Bad Reviews

  1. Address the reviewer’s concern. Ask whether they will give you a second chance. Offer them a free service or a product when they visit next time. Make sure you go above and beyond to change their opinion about your business.
  2. Thank them. Thank the reviewer for leaving a comment about their experience, and that as a result of that you have changed your business practices. Acknowledge that this was a huge learning opportunity for your business and that you want to make it right for them.
  3. Make sure they feel heard. No matter how bad of a review someone leaves, make the reviewer feel heard. If you ignore the situation completely, others will take a note with the impression that you don’t acknowledge “the problems with your business” (whether it’s true or not).

Why Even Bother?

If you invest the time in making it right for your customer, there is a higher chance that they will come back and continue to use your service. That being said, this totally applies to blogging as well. Selling product – whether they are tangible or digital – are core to many. You are essentially a business owner and want to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their experiences. Take the time and address negative comments, or review.

Once you’ve addressed their concern and they are happy with the outcome, you can request for them to edit their original review. This works as a two-way street: you get your customer what they want and get what you need (updated review) in return. And you know what? Most of them will do this! 


Invest the time in consistently reviewing comments on your business pages. Take the time and thank everyone who left a review – good or bad. Leaving a bad review unresolved will leave a bad impression on potential future customers, so it’s in your own interest in acknowledging and addressing their concerns.

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