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Secrets that Successful Bloggers Don’t Talk About

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How often do you stumble upon blog posts that talk about Successful Blogger’s income? Something like “Check out how I made $10K this month” or even better “Learn the Strategies to 6 Digit Monthly Income.” I’m not going to lie, those posts sound very appealing to open up and read. Strategically, these successful bloggers often monetize on their learnings and develop courses that teach you how to get to their successes.
I’m not suggesting that this applies to all, but repeating strategies and doing everything another blogger did that made them successful will not guarantee you the same successes. It just won’t. I get it, we are looking to learn from the best bloggers about what it took for them to get to their success with the hope of applying those learnings to us and being successful ourselves. 
There are about 2 billion blogs that exist today, but not everyone is earning a 5- or 6-digit monthly income. So you gotta ask yourself, why were these bloggers the most successful among all others? What makes them special? Do you really want to know? Read on.

They Keep Up with the Trends

successful bloggers track trends
I’ve given a lot of thinking to what makes successful bloggers so successful. They were there with the right information at the right place, at the right time. That’s it. Mystery solved. 
On a serious note, that is something that is common to most successful bloggers. They followed the trends and identified a topic that was highly talked about, and they brought their unique point of view onto the topic. Then it hit off and became viral.
That being said, if you are blogging to make money, you must keep up with the trends and write posts that are relevant to highly talked about topics. Make sure you don’t just reiterate what others have said, add relevance by including a different perspective and cover additional topics.
So, becoming a successful blogger is not about following in the exact footsteps of others, but taking their learnings and molding them to your own blog. If you write relevant posts that have a chance of becoming viral, then taken together with those learnings, you’ll have a bigger potential to get to a 6 figure annual (or even monthly) income. 

They Failed, They Learned, They Succeeded

successful bloggers are not afraid of failure
Not always, but a lot of successful bloggers did not reach their 6-figure success outright with their first blog. In fact, they’ve started other blogs that did not do well at all. 
Like AA, you must first admit you have a problem, troubleshoot why things didn’t work and start over. That’s exactly what they did. Equipped with new learnings and additional research, they went right back into the blogging game full throttle. 
That is what makes it valuable to learn from successful bloggers. It’s the fact that they’ve been there, done that. They are there to teach you how to avoid doing what didn’t work for them and what did work in the end. It’ll cut your learning curve significantly. 

They Know that Running A Blog Empire is Expensive

Successful bloggers spent a lot of money running their blog


As you grow your blog and your earnings increase, expect your expenses to increase proportionally. Don’t expect that a $3 monthly hosting fee will last you forever. The hosting fees are charged based on traffic and the amount of data running through your site. That’s just one example.


Eventually, you may also consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you with time-consuming tasks that you feel comfortable outsourcing. 



They Promote Their Content


Successful bloggers promote their blog on social media
There are always exceptions to the blogging equation, but most successful bloggers spend a significant amount of time and money. 
Of course, you can start out investing a ton of time into promoting your content on Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. For those who’s been doing this for a while knows that it takes time to build traffic to your site. SEO tactics also take a while to kick in, so how do you speed up this whole discovery process for your target audience? You pay to promote your content. 
The success of your promoted content will depend on your messaging, visuals and your placement strategy. If all of these things are in check and your message really resonates with your audience, it’ll be a hit. 
But don’t go spending the money outright when you start the blog. I recommend waiting until you see some return on your initial investment (through Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, selling your own products) before investing further into your blog. 
You’ve made your initial investment already, see how far you can take it to start generating you money. Instead of pocketing your blog profits, I would invest it back into your blog. This way you don’t feel bad about spending more of your own money on your blog.

They Spend A Ton of Time Running Their Blog

Successful bloggers spend a lot of time running their blog
Just like running a business, you must first invest a lot of time into setting up, building up their subscriber’s empire. But that’s not the only about getting subscribers. They then invest a ton of time into building a relationship with those subscribers with the intent of turning them into loyal readers and customers.  
With that said, there is a lot that it takes to build those relationships. It’ll take consistency awesome blog posts, free newsletters, and other value-added content for you to achieve that. And to build up those assets, it’ll take time. 
Expect to go through multiple iterations of your products and even piloting them with a subset of your subscribers before opening it up to others. Whether it’s a course, an eBook, digital downloads, and especially if you’re starting to do this on your own – expect to extend your work week.

They Network with Other Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers network with other successful bloggers
Two are better than one, and three are even better. They network with other successful bloggers and help each other out. Whether it’s through email, or running into each other at a blogger’s conference, successful bloggers understand the power of networking. If a question comes up, they know they can rely on each other to help them out. 
You’ll do that on a smaller scale with Pinterest Group and Facebook Group content promotion on your own, but nothing is better than to have a personal friendship with another blogger who you can rely on for advice. 
What I have found hard is for a beginner blogger to establish a connection with a more successful blogger. I assume it’s because the value exchange there is uneven. The beginner blogger may seek a lot more advice from the successful blogger, then they can provide in return. 
But you have others who are in the same boat as you are currently with whom you can continue to grow together to that level of friendship, or a partnership (whatever you want to call it).


Blogging is all about providing value to your customers. You may not get it right the first time around or it may just take a while for you to get to the level of success of 5- or 6-digit bloggers. You can shortcut your learnings by enrolling in their courses, just make sure you research the heck out of them before you put your money towards them. 
As you grow, expect your expenses to grow with you. You’ll need to support a larger platform due to a higher volume of traffic and content. And also expect to be spending a bit more money getting your blog to a successful status, there is no way around that.
Understanding the power of networking and promoting your content is also key. Establish connections with others as you go and grow with them. Don’t let others feel like it’s a one-way relationship, make sure you provide information and advice in return.
That being said, where are YOU in your blogging journey? Do you have a favorite course that you think gave you the best return on your investment?

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