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How To Come Up With A UNIQUE Name For Your Blog

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Creativity is required when it comes down to starting a from day one. You roam around the blog to blog trying to find your calling. You’re trying to see what topics inspire and get ideas flowing in your head before “committing” to a niche.

Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon a blog that talks about profitable niches, but even then – the list seems long and daunting. So you pick up a pencil and start jotting down ideas, trying to connect the dots and figure out what the heck your blog will be about.

And will you have enough ideas to keep posting fresh content?  

You thought that deciding what your blog will be about was hard? Once you know what you’ll be writing about, what are you going to name your blog? Where do you start?

See, the problem with blogging is that depending on who you listen to, they say that your blog is somewhat dynamic. This means that if you started your blogging career with a Lifestyle Blog and later gravitated to Fashion Blogging, and that’s ok. No one said that the niche you choose to write about can’t change. In fact, it often does. For example, I started my blog with the focus on Personal Finance, but I was also interested in sharing helpful information about Blogging and I incorporated that to be part of my blog.

However, the name of your blog can’t be dynamic per se and that’s a problem. You can’t all of a sudden go from one day calling your blog “Lifestyle Blog” and rename it the next to “Fashion Blog” without implications. See, it’s common practice to name your blog and have the domain (http address) match. So you kind of have to decide quite early in your blogging journey about what you’ll be naming your blog.

But where do you start? How do you even go about looking for a blog name? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we can brainstorm some names together here. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

What Associations Do You Want People to Have with Your Blog?

How will people understand what the name of your blog means?

I treat blogging as a business, and you should too if you are looking to make money from your blog. Think of yourself starting a business and that you have an awesome product, let’s say it’s magical dust in an aluminum can. Yes, Tinker Bell kind of dust. You want to come up with a name that will help you sell that product.

You want to be descriptive about the product so people know what it is, but at the same time you don’t want people to be turned off by simply calling it “Magical Dust in a Can.” As cool as Tinker Bell dust might be – that name will not sell. Ok, fine – it may sell for a small portion of people who don’t really care and just want the darn dust, but if you want to appeal to the larger market you’ll want a better product [blog] name.

Same goes for blogging. Your blog is your product. It is a reflection of your brand and what values stand behind it. Think Apple. When you see the Apple logo and the name, you immediately associate that with awesome clean design. You think white, silver, black and sleek technology. Innovation and future may also come as associations when you see the bitten apple logo. 

Wouldn’t you want people to have some image of your blog to be associated with a name? How do you want others to refer to your blog? Let’s get those creative juices flowing and brainstorm some names for your future blog.  

Before we begin, make sure you download my brainstorming template for you to begin writing down ideas and possible names for your blog!

Get Inspired

Get inspired for naming your blog

I can spend all day talking about branding, marketing, etc. I’ve even taken Intellectual Property Law as part of my MBA program, so I can really geek out on this topic. I’m down for it if anyone is interested.

What I will bring to this discussion from my Intellectual Property Law class is an example of how Trademark Law classifies names of products, businesses, etc. It applies to many categories, but I think it will help think through different categories and perspectives of how to come up with an awesome blog name.

There are 5 distinct categories of names:

When naming products, there are 5 distinct categories of names, or strategies for coming up with a name:


Ok, “what do I do with this information” you may ask. Rightfully so. Let me explain each one and provide examples.


These names have nothing to do with meaning. Someone just pulled the name out of thin air and printed it on the product label. Examples: Kodak, Exxon, Polaroid. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, and potentially seek to get a Trademark on your blog name, think of a name that is completely novel. This will give your blog a better chance of being remembered (considering you have awesome blog content, blah blah blah … ). In 2008, Gwyneth Paltrow started a blog and named it Goop, which has nothing to do with anything. It’s very memorable and highly successful.


I really like this category because Apple falls into this category, and I’m a huge fan of their products. These names have true meaning, but these names have nothing to do with the category of products that it was assigned to. Just like apples (fruit) has nothing to do with phones or computers, but it is an actual word in the English dictionary. Other examples: Dove, Shell.

This category may be a bit harder to apply to blogging, as people may get confused regarding your content if they visited your blog. Say a potential visitor came to your blog named “Kitty Kat” expecting to find cute pictures of kittens all over your site, only to find that your blog has everything and more to do with collecting stamps.


This is another creative category in which names suggest something about the business (or a blog), but don’t directly say it. It’s like playing Pictionary. Imagine that you are a blog that writes about fast cars. What will you draw on a pad for others to begin guessing?

Well, you definitely need to message that you’re interested in fast cars specifically and that you are going to be writing about sedans and not SUVs. Maybe you draw a rabbit, or a cheetah (whatever fits your talents). In fact, some of the more famous brands you may be familiar with that belong to this category are: Microsoft, Coppertone (copper and tone, get it?), Chicken of the Sea. 


This category is really straight forward, these names simply describe what your blog or product is. If you’re writing about making money, you may call it “Blog About Making Money.” Examples of company names that fall into this category which you may recognize: Pizza Hut, American Airlines, General Electric. A lot of the blogs that are currently out there, and are highly successful, use this naming strategy. And there is nothing wrong with that!


This category probably won’t apply to blogging as much as these are popular names that are fair game for everyone to see and you cannot claim these names to be uniquely yours. Band-Aid, Thermos, Aspirin are some examples. These names have been used sparingly to become synonymous with the item that they were describing. I’m including this one for completeness, but there aren’t very many parallels that I can draw with blogging (and if you can – please let me know!).   

How does this help you? I think it’s helpful to understand the bigger picture and understand how other companies come up with unique names for their businesses, products, and blogs. It gives you more freedom to brainstorm, as you are not only stuck to come up with a name that simply describes your blog. I really like this [trademark] framework because it neatly puts all categories into one place. Again, this was meant to get your creativity going. Off to the next!

Let’s Get Brainstorming

brainstorm names for your blog

Ok, now we’re talking. You know a little bit of the framework, so let’s get brainstorming. Here are some general tips for brainstorming names for your blog. I would suggest you write these down as your suggestions or guiding principles on a piece of paper and leave some spaces in between for ideas. It’s helpful to have them written so you don’t have to toggle between browser screens if you’re getting inspiration from the internet.

1) Short

As ideas begin flowing in, try to limit the names to no more than 20-25 characters. Remember: less is more. Shorter domains and blog names are easier for people to remember. Also, a one-word blog name is preferred over multiple words. But considering that only a limited number of appealing domains still remain, it’s almost unavoidable to include multiple words. Still, try to limit the name to 20-25 characters.Examples: “Diligent Blogger” (16 characters), “Hustling and Blogging” (21 characters).

2) Memorable

Your blog name should be catchy, so try to go for something unique. Are there common phrases that you can make into a blog name? For example, chances are that you’ve probably heard the song by LMFAO “Everyday I’m Shuffling” which is a catchy phrase. Twist it and connect it to blogging “Everyday I’m blogging.” I get it, it’s not as rhythmically appealing but I’m giving you a crude example just to get the point across.

3) Unique

Unique names tend to stick in people’s minds better. In fact, there is a somewhat related psychological experiment done that’s related. Basically, researchers provided a list of names to participants that included common English names, such as Tom, Gary, Ashley, George, etc.

Purposefully, they’ve included a name that was unique in this sequence, let’s say it’s Ameliee. Participants were then asked to write down as many names as they could remember. Guess which name participants most likely remembered? Yup, it was the one that stood out from the crowd. As you brainstorm, get outside of your comfort zone and consider a unique name for your blog.

4) Easy to Spell

Consider naming your blog with a name that is not only easy to remember but also easy to spell. Shy away from purposefully misspelling words to use as part of your name. Why? Your readers will have an easier time remembering your domain and be able to easily find it. Also, at some point in the future, you may look for opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers or let’s say another blogger wants to mention you in their post, there will be a higher chance of them misspelling your blog name. 

Tips for Coming Up with the Perfect Blog Name

Translate a catchy term into a different language

Do you have a catchy word in mind but that blog name is already taken? Try to translate it to other languages. If you wanted to include the word “world,” for example, into your blog name consider translating it into Latin. It translates to “orbis,” which is pretty cool sounding. In Arabic, the word “world” translates into “alealamia.” I’m just working with whatever came to mind, but you get the point. 

Use a thesaurus

Need more ideas? Use a thesaurus to help you come up with more ideas. Write down a few words that you want your blog to be about and see what other words that you can substitute. Seeing more variation of words will give you more ideas, and hopefully spark more creativity.

Draw Inspiration from Your Competitors

Navigate around the web and see how your competitors have named their blogs. Are they using a variety of words that you have considered? Maybe you can consider a similar structure with substituted wording that is unique to you. Are they using descriptive names or more arbitrary? Diversify the sources from which you draw inspiration from, just don’t copy them. Make your blog name your own.

Use your name

It’s common practice in the blogging community to simply use your name as your blog. We are all unique and there is a chance that your name will be unique enough to be still available. 

Use Name Generators for your blog

Name generators are awesome to give you ideas about combining words or terms in ways that you might not have thought of. Start with typing in one word and then add another to see how these Name Generators combine terms. See what resonates with you. Is there a particular name that immediately stands out among the rest?  

Here are some sites you can start with:

Use Fake-Word Generators

Yet another alternative to give you ideas is to use a Fake-Word Generator like Wordoid that takes your input words and creates all kinds of creative variations. The only downside to using this is that you can only input one word, instead of multiples like you can with Name Generators. But I still think this is an awesome tool to check out. 


You made it to the end! I know, brainstorming names for your blog can be a daunting task. But with all of these awesome resources available, you’ll be in good hands to get inspired. Don’t be stuck on creating merely a descriptive blog name, consider fanciful or arbitrary names that will make you stand from the crowd. Be yourself and be different! Good luck in your blog name soul searching! 

P.S. Let me know if you’re still struggling and I’m happy to help brainstorm. Also, I spent some time cataloging some generic domains that are still available, which you can check out here. Feel free to check it out and mold them to your liking. 

Leave a Comment!

I love hearing from you and as always would love to learn your ideas, perspectives, and comments. If you found this list helpful and would like me to share more lists like this with a certain focus, please let me know! If there is enough interest, I’ll do another list on that topic. 

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