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How To Get Paid For What You’re Good At?

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This is one of the most researched questions on the web. There are a lot of bloggers who’ve created really great guides on how to make a quick buck. I do think that what they’re missing is providing readers the information about how much effort goes in into it, and the level of expertise or background that is required.

Unfortunately, one approach does not fit all. Different people have different interests and different level of motivation, I get it. As you read and evaluate ideas, you want to make sure the idea truly resonates with you. There are lots of options, but there are steps you need to take along the way. 

In this article, I’ll overview some quick ways to make money (LINK – to my other article). I’ll break it down by some general skill levels and provide more information about role and salary expectations, as well as requirements to fulfill that job function.

Jobs You Should Be Considering For Your Skills


freelance to get paid


Freelancing has been one of the more popular topics recently, allowing people from all walks of life to earn income as a main source of income or as a side gig. I even dedicated a post to Freelancing and how to get started. A big portion of this rise in popularity is due to advancement in technology. People have the freedom to create and disseminate their content online, become a remote office assistant, at-home bookkeeper and other professions.

There is definitely less predictability for work. Especially for those who are used to a more standard week schedule, freelancing is definitely different and may take a bit of time to get used to – especially the episodic incomes. However, once you’ve established an expertise in the area, and built up your reputation – your earning potential could be endless!

Some of the most common freelancing opportunities to consider:

  • Social media marketing
  • Photography
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Translation
  • Data Entry
  • App development
  • Video Editing
  • So much more!

Some of the most common sites used for looking to secure freelance work includes: UpworkFiverrIndeed, and many others. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to become a freelancer, check this out (LINK TO MY OTHER ARTICLE).


  • Episodic income, no predictability (to some extent);
  • Salary will depend on the type of work that you’ll be doing, as well as volume;
  • You must show expertise in your field, or show experience to bring more visibility to your profile;
  • Things are slow when you start freelancing but the returns (if you wait and continue to work at it) are great;
  • Schedule flexibility;
  • Great work-life balance.


  • Requires a self-starter;
  • Discipline;
  • Creativity;
  • Networking and communication skills.


project management jobs

Project Management

I actually started out in the corporate environment as a project manager. My official role was called an “implementation manager” but it’s all and the same. You are responsible for creating and maintaining the project charter. Project management also involves holding others accountable for their assigned tasks and making sure that the project is on track. Project managers are the CEOs of their project and are up to date on all activities of their project at all times.

Some invest time and energy into a PMP certification to add credibility. However, in my experience, employers often value experience over certifications. But if you want to supplement your experience with a PMP, you can definitely use that to your advantage and negotiate yourself a higher salary.


  • According to this source, [national] average project manager salary is between $71,911 to $95,863. Not too shabby! 
  • There are a wide variety of fields in which project management is applicable. There will never be a shortage of open project management jobs available;
  • Growth opportunities allowing you to grow to different (and even higher roles) within the organization;
  • Work remotely: some companies offer this role as a remote opportunity. Very convenient for those who aspire to work from home and earn a great income!


  • Bachelors’ degree;;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Great time management skills;
  • Responsible;
  • Effective communication skills.



get paid with accounting

Do you like to crunch numbers? Do you like routines and stability? Then accounting, or bookkeeping, is a great opportunity for you. It offers flexibility and potential for growth. It’s a very flexible job with many opportunities. Accountant are responsible for maintaining cash coming in and out of the company. They make sure that every dollar is accounted for in the books.


  • You must love working with numbers, otherwise this job will not be for you;
  • Expect to earn anywhere between $39,750 to $52,500 a year, according to;
  • Flexibilty: lots of accounting positions allow the flexibility to work from home. 
  • Lots of freelancing opportunities available to earn side income!


  • Good understanding of accounting principles; 
  • Knowledge of QuickBooks (generally considered an industry standard);
  • GED is sufficient (generally);
  • CPA (preferred);
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Organized; 
  • Problem-solver.



teaching jobs

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others or would like to try your self at teaching, there are loads of opportunities available. It really depends on your interest and flexibility.

When I was graduating from undergrad, Teach for America was actively recruiting graduates. It’s an awesome opportunity to teach in underserved communities. They will pay for relocating expenses and certification costs. It’s a great path to start a career in teaching.

There are other opportunities to teach internationally. This is a great opportunity to do what you love and travel! There are various companies that offer such opportunities, like English First, where teachers travel to a different country to teach English abroad. The process typically requires visa authorization, but these companies will work with you to establish all that’s required.

It’s also not atypical for these companies to pay for relocation expenses and temporary hotel stays – which is a really awesome benefit to have. Other sites you should check out: VIPKIDTeachAway


  • Depends on location, but salaries typically range anywhere between $33,000 to $58,000;
  • Paid leave and national holidays;
  • Stability;
  • Free on the job certifications and training;


  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Great communicability and interpersonal skills;
  • Well-organized and committed;
  • Creative, engaging and energetic;
  • Strong moral values and discipline.


get paid tutoring

Tutors provide private instruction to children, adolescents, and even adults. The circumstances are very different depending on your preferences: teaching small groups or individuals. There is a lot of flexibility in your schedule unless you book tutoring sessions back to back.

If you want more information about what it takes to become a tutor, check out this page – it offers a load of helpful information that can help you along this career path.

There are quite a few companies available online, including WizIQTutor.comSkooli, where you can search for open tutoring positions.


  • Average national salary in 2015 was nearly $25,000 (ranges anywhere from $15K-40K);
  • Lots of opportunities to tutor online, out of the comfort of your home;
  • You will be working with students on existing assignments (assigned at school), explaining concepts and walking them through homework;
  • Unless you establish relationships with students and parents that can hire you on a long-term basis, income will be dependent on your demand;
  • Your demand will depend on your ratings.


  • Generally, a high school diploma is sufficient to teach. However, you must have experience and knowledge of the subject matter you’re interested in tutoring;
  • Note: For more advanced subject areas (university or graduate level), a degree in the field is often a requirement;
  • Knowledge in subjects that you want to tutor;
  • Great listening skills;
  • Patience.



get paid by making content for youtube

Do you like to perform and be in front of people, but don’t see yourself in a 9-5 type of job? Maybe you like teaching but want flexibility … Consider being a YouTuber. In the last few years, YouTube has become very popular among content creators, as the opportunities and earnings can bring you significant income (considering a large following).


  • Need to be patient while your channel scales;
  • You’ll need to be creative with your content and it should be up-to-date with the latest information in that niche;
  • Salary varies and is highly dependent on your channel following and video views, but the potential is great. Here is a list of highest paid YouTubers, according to Forbes:

  1. Ryan ToysReview – $22 million
  2. Jake Paul – $21.5 million
  3. Dude Perfect – $20 million
  4. DanTDM – $18.5 million
  5. Jeffree Star – $18 million

The generally accepted payment scheme is as follows:

  • 10 cents per 100 views
  • 1 dollar per 1000 views
  • 10 dollars per 10,000 views
  • 100 dollars per 100,000 views


  • Need a camera that is capable of recording video;
  • Tripod; 
  • Good storyteller;
  • Ok with being yourself on camera;
  • Consistency with uploading quality and creative video content


Content Writer

get paid to write

If writing is something that you enjoy doing and do not see yourself in a 9-5 type of job environment, but would like the dependability of a stable job – becoming a content writer for a company can be an option for you. Content Writers create compelling and interesting content for a company which may include website copy, white papers, blog posts, social media content, and product/service descriptions.

There is a variety of opportunities available as a content writer. If you enjoy writing, why not get paid for it in a more predictable manner? Do an online search on job-seeker websites like Moster.comLinkedInIndeedCareer BuilderZipRecruiter and others. Begin your search with the following examples:

  • Editor
  • Content Writer
  • Content Editor
  • Digital Content Writer
  • Copy Writer


  • The types of jobs available really range from short-term contracts to full-time positions.
  • There is flexibility in working remotely
  • The salaries range depending on the work arrangement, but there is a huge opportunity as the pay can be quite awesome (see an example of a job posting below)
  • Need to have experience in writing, be prepared to show examples of your work.


  • Ability to write and edit articles to ensure best marketing practices are being met (ex: SEO);
  • Pitch, produce and edit feature-length and search-based content;
  • Maintain a content calendar;
  • Work closely with the marketing to align the content with the big-picture corporate strategy;
  • Being innovative & versatile,
  • Among others.


find ways to get paid for your talent

You are not alone! It took a little bit of time for me to find myself as well. I was biochemistry and psychology double major when I was an undergraduate, and ended up in a completely different side of the spectrum – business administration. And, it may not be what I’ll be doing 5 or 10 years from now!

My recommendation would be to take a career aptitude test like 123Test. It’s a very simple and quick test that provides an assessment of what careers and jobs you’d fit based on your interests.


This post is not meant to be an all-exhaustive list of opportunities that are out there, but I hope it did inspire you to look further and possibly consider other options that may or may not have crossed your minds. It’s really helpful to first understand what you’re skills and strengths are, and then find a career where you can apply those skills and reach your highest potential!

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