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Don’t You Hate Reading Fluff?

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Our attention span is shorter than that of goldfish, according to a study done by Microsoft Corp. All thanks to the widespread of technology and our ability to switch quickly between one application to the next, swipe through images, and even quickly browsing through email. Our attention span is becoming shorter. 


Evolution at Work?

There is evolutionary reasoning for a shorter attention span, which I find very interesting. Animals have evolved brains to help them survive. In the wild, short attention span allows them to analyze and interpret large amounts of information and identify potential harm quickly. Likewise, although no imminent danger is present from browsing through Instagram stories, it’s our brain that is “wired” to seek information and analyze it quickly.

This may be a silly question, but maybe some of you can help me answer it … Why does Google give higher rankings to longer content? In today’s day and age, don’t people want to receive content in a clear and succinct manner? Isn’t it contrary to what Google considers to be “good” content?

What about Blogging?

In preparation for starting this blog, I’ve read dozens of different blogger’s perspectives on starting a blog. One thing that is a common theme through 99% of them: write good content and make it long (there is some variation of what defines “long,” but ranges anywhere between 1,000 to 2,500 words on average).  

But isn’t that contrary to how WE WANT TO receive information? I don’t know the answer, but research tends to expand on this in one direction and companies’ logic sways the other. 

simplify your blogging content

Honestly, I think we’re becoming executives over Internet content. We want to get information directly. We want it to get to the point quickly. But, there is just soooo much information out there that it’s impossible to read every word, every sentence, every article. 

Some companies may have caught onto this trend quicker than others and are taking advantage of people’s interest in receiving information quickly. Mentorbox, being one of them, which is a subscription service that includes videos or audio segments of book authors talking about the high-level points of books that they wrote.

Forget reading … or even speed reading … give me an executive summary! 

What about you? Do you prefer to receive information succinctly, or do you not mind spending the time and diving into the information end-to-end?

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