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List Of Bloggers Who Still Publish Income Reports In 2019

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Blogging community went through a phase of influencers sharing their income reports to be transparent with their audiences. However, pulling all the numbers from various sources (affiliates, ads, etc) and creating context around them is quite a timely process. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons why a lot of bloggers stopped posting their revenues. But they still provide access to their previous reports, which provides some directional ideas of how much they’re making.

Why Should You Read the Income Reports?

Seeing is Believing

Income Reports are especially appealing to readers because it gives bloggers more authority to speak on topics which are generating them revenue. They’re not just tossing pieces of advice all over the place, but their income reports sort of provides a track record of how they got to where they are. They’re not just talking the walk, they’re walking the walk and giving you a glimpse of fruits of their labor. 

Actually, seeing those income reports really convinced me that blogging can be more than a hobby and that you can actually make a business out of it. It’s helpful to see the trends in blogger’s growth and follow their bits of advice that they write as context to the income reports. If it helped them grow, then it may work for you as well – why not try it, right?

As I mentioned, there has been a decline in bloggers continuing publishing their income reports. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t just stop publishing them. They provide context around why they are discontinuing the posts, which as I mentioned mostly have to do with time commitments. 

It’s Motivating

I think it’s helpful for new or inspiring bloggers to see the potential of blogging through the income reports, which is why I compiled a list of bloggers who still publish them.  It’s motivating to see that earning income from blogging is totally possible, and if you are still considering starting a blog in 2019 – it’s not too late.

Just as FYI, I tried to include blogs from different niches so hope you’ll have a great diversity of them to look through, and also included one of their month’s earnings to give you some idea of their monthly income. Spare your clicking, I got you! But feel free to click away if you are really interested in learning more.

Here we go …

Bloggers Who Still Publish Income Reports in 2019

list of bloggers who post income reports

  1. Local Adventurer – April 2019 – $21.7K
  2. B for Bloggers – March 2019 – $3.8K
  3. Root and Revel – March 2019 – $16.3K
  4. Ryan Rob – May 2019 – $57.4K
  5. Do You Even Blog – March 2019 – $2.9K
  6. Crochet 365 Knit Too – March 2019 – $4.5K
  7. Living the Dream – May 2019 – $6.6K
  8. By Sophia Lee – April 2019 – $7.8K
  9. Let’s Reach Success – April 2019 – $2.7K
  10. Thyme & Joy – April 2019 – $1.2K
  11. Fire Nation – May 2019 – $178K
  12. Lucky Mojito – April 2019 – $0.6K
  13. This Online World – Q1 2019 – $0.6K
  14. Fat Stacks Blog – May 2019 – $51K
  15. Breaking the One Percent – February 2019 – $167K
  16. Italian Polish Momma – March 2019 – $4K
  17. The Millennial Bull – March 2019 – $0.6K
  18. The Frugal Mom Guide – March 2019 – $0.2K
  19. The She Approach – May 2019 – $50K 
  20. The Savvy Couple – May 2019 – $43.5K
  21. Adam Enfroy – May 2019 – $11.6K

The list of incomes varies quite a lot in the list above, but I hope it’s helpful to see the art of the possible. Again, check them out more closely, see what strategies they used to get to where they are and hopefully you can try some of them out for yourself.

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