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8 Clever Hacks For A Fantastic 2019

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What are life hacks? Simply put, it’s a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage your time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Since time is precious and you can never get it back, it’s wise to invest in things that will minimize your efforts. You can find an infinite amount of creative hacks on the internet which are meant to help you in cutting corners and saving yourself the time and hassle.

Some are a little ridiculous, but there are quite a few that are proven and time-worthy. Let’s take a look at these 8 clever and best hacks to simplify your life.

1.   Got color stains on clothes? Don’t worry about it!

color stains on clothes hack

laundry tip productivity hackWhether it’s your blue top, red scarf or brown pants, we all have at least one piece of clothing where color runs while washing. To add to your misery, this cloth ruins the rest of your clothes too if washed together. Especially if you were washing your whites together, then all the hell breaks loose.

But there is a solution to prevent this disaster. To prevent the colors running and staining other clothes when they are washed together, you just need to soak the colored clothes in a mixture of salt water. A gallon of water with a double handful of salt is all you need and just leave your clothes in this magic solution for about 24 hours.

2.  Broke your favorite crockery? It can be mended!

fix your broken crockery

If you are someone who loves hosting fancy dinners or posh tea parties, you must have those exquisite china plates or delicate teacups. As beautiful as they are to look at, they can be broken easily too. No matter how careful you are, once in a while this mishap would have occurred, either by your hands or your kids. 

There is nothing in this world which cannot be fixed, the same goes for broken china! To mend your broken crockery, you just need to heat common alum in an old iron pot. Once it has melted, apply it on the broken piece. Keep holding the pieces together until they are completely set. This hack not only mends your broken crockery but also makes it resistant to hot and cold water.

Also, check out this video of how to create cool decorative pieces with your broken pottery.

3.  Straightened hair and collar too? Yes, it looks sleek!

Straightened hair and collar hack

Whether you have short hair or long hair, once your hair is straightened it completely changes your look. That is the biggest advantage of owning a hair straightener. But what if you can also use it for straightening your shirt collar?

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? While it is a tedious task to iron your clothes every day, it is more annoying to make your collar crease-free. But you can achieve that by using your hair straightener instead of a clothing iron on your collar. Same result, with minimal effort!

4. Packing shoes? Not so difficult anymore!

packing shoes hack

A hot-shot business trip, an exotic vacation or a rugged solo trip, all these things have one thing in common: packing bags. While packing can be enjoyable for some people, others find it to be the most challenging part of a trip. Especially when you have to pack shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are a light-traveler or not, or if you prefer carrying a pair of all-purpose shoes or a bunch of cute sandals, packing shoes is a headache.

But you can ease your worry by using shower caps for packing shoes. Yes, you read it right. By wrapping your shoes in shower caps, you prevent them from spoiling your clothes in the bag. So, pack your bags hassle-free.

5. Distracted at work? Get a plant at your desk!

distraction hack

 At some point in time, all of us feel lethargic in our office.  Even the most highly productive people at times feel low at their workspace. With so many distractions around at your desk, your work productivity is bound to be low and you become inefficient.

To avoid this, all you have to do is get a green plant for your desk. As per research published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, exposure to the color green makes you more productive.

Another tip, try to get an air plant or a succulent, as they don’t require much attention and care.

6. Add a stopwatch for more productivity

stopwatch productivity hack

Contrary to popular belief, you get more work done if you take timed short breaks. According to research conducted by Cornell University, employees who use reminders to take short breaks are more productive and efficient.

It’s advisable to take a break after every 75- 90 minutes. Want to know why? You can read up more about it over here.    

For this purpose, keep a stopwatch at your desk.  Set a countdown for each break you plan to take. You can also use your phone or Google timer for the same.

7. Tangled wires? We’ve got it covered!

tangled wires hack

How many times has it happened with you that your precious headphones or earphones get tangled at your desk? And if it gets tangled with your phone charger or computer cables, it’s a holy mess!

Not only it is frustrating, but tangled wires also affect your workflow. Your speed to get work done quickly gets hampered because of a silly thing such as tangled cables.

Well, there is an amazing yet simple hack for that too! You can use those spare binder clips lying at your desk to keep the wires hassle-free. Just clip them on computer cables so that they are separated from others. You can also hang your headphones from the arms of binder clips, thus making it a tidy headphone holder. Not only is this a clever trick, but it is also time-savvy and inexpensive.

8. Squeaky clean keyboard with sticky notes

keyboard sticky notes hack

Spilling coffee on your keyboard or typing with oily fingers. Let’s be honest. We all have been guilty of spoiling our keyboard at times. While it’s easy to wipe off the laptop or computer screen, cleaning your keyboard is a tedious task. Especially cleaning the tiny crumbs stuck in between the keys can be quite a hassle. But, there is a hack for this. You can use sticky notes to clear out the mess stuck in your keyboard. Quite easy, isn’t it?


Who doesn’t want to live an easy life? Life comes with its own challenges. But you can tackle your daily struggles if you follow these life hacks. Use daily items that you have easily in your reach to make your life soooo much easier.

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