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7 Hidden IPhone Secrets

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I’m all about knowledge and when I encounter something cool (and productive!), I want to tell everyone about it. Yes, I’m that type of person. I’ve been an iPhone user since it first came out in 2007, and thought I knew everything that iPhone was capable of (short of reading the user manual, page by page). I have switched everyone over in my family to iPhones because I love Apple that much.

Recently, I attended a talk by Mark Ebeling (he is very inspiring and the work that he does around the world is truly amazing, highly recommend for you to check him out). He asked everyone to take out their phones and scan the QR code that was on the screen behind him. The first thing that crossed my mind was the fact that I don’t have a QR scanner app. How does he expect the audience of more than 2,000 people to have it? And to have everyone download it then and there would take forever.

Nope, turns out that our Apple and Samsung friends (and other large phone companies for that matter) already took care of that, most of us just didn’t know the trick. Well, as I mentioned earlier – I’m an avid iPhone user and I would like to share some hidden secrets that most users don’t know. Productivity at it’s finest.

7 Hidden iPhone Secrets 

1. QR code

QR code iphone hack

Ok, remember when I said that Mark had the who audience take out their phones and scan the QR code off the screen? Well, he didn’t expect anyone to have a QR app. He told everyone to turn on their camera and point it at the QR code. Yes, you heard me correctly …

Switch your phone into camera mode and point it at the QR code. The phone will automatically give you a prompt to go the webpage that is associated with that code. Mind blown. 

2. Correct Siri

siri iphone hack

Have you ever gotten frustrated at the way Siri pronounces your name or the street name where you live? Did you know that you can teach Siri how to say it correctly? 

Surprise, surprise.

Next time you ask Siri to call someone within your phone book through a “Hey Siri” command, and Siri mispronounces it, say “You’re pronouncing [X} name wrong.” Siri will then prompt you to say the name correctly and learn from it. Finally, Siri will provide options of her (or him) saying that name, and you’ll need to choose the option that you want Siri to stick with. 

3. Backspace on Calculator

iphone calculator hack

This is one of the best iPhone secrets that I’ve learned. Have you gotten frustrated at the iPhone calculator after you performed multiple operations to then accidentally type in one wrong digit and have to start over? Well, if you mistype a digit in the calculator, simply tap the black space where the digits are entered and that will allow you to remove the last digit. No more frustrations over having to repeat your work. You’re welcome.

4. Undo the Previous Action

undo iphone hack

This function is probably one of my most used. If you ever type something and then accidentally delete the text, there is a way to get it back. Or maybe you’re typing up an email and insert an image that accidentally overwrites some of the text … how do you get it back? If you share your phone, iPhone will give you the option to “undo” the previous action. 

5. Customize phone vibrations

customize iphone vibrations hack

You probably knew that text message sounds and ringtones can be customized, but did you know that you can customize the haptic vibrations too? Go to settings on your phone, then go to sounds & haptics. Select which alert you’d like to customize (ex: Ringtone, Text Tone, etc.), then click vibration at the top.  Under the “custom,” click “Create New Vibration” and it will let you customize the vibration. 

When your sounds are off, these custom vibrations are what will play. It’s super useful to set separate ones for text and email, as an example so that you know through vibration what alert that you just received. 

6. Have Siri Read Articles for You

siri read for you iphone hack

You are about to get into your car and you were reading a news article over breakfast but didn’t finish. What should you do? No, I am not implying reading & driving … no, no, and no. Have Siri read the article for you! 

If you go to settings, then general and select accessibility. In that menu go to speech to turn speak selection and speak screen. There you can choose voices and speed of reading. Finally, select the text that you want Siri to read and the pop-up that appears will give you the option to select speak. Once you click that, Siri will begin reading aloud. 

7. Customize Declined Call Replies

declined calls iphone hack

You’re in a meeting or talking with someone over the phone that you cannot pick up another call coming in. How do you let that person know that you’re not ignoring them? When the call is coming through, there is an option that shows on the screen to be able to reply with a text. iPhone has some preset messages for you to choose from, but you can also customize those. If you go to settings, then phone, and select respond with text it will give you options to customize your messages (for a max of 3). 

My messages include “Let me call you back in a few minutes,” “I’m in a meeting, I will call you later” and “I’m busy right now, can I call you later?” It may not cover all of the possible situations, but it works for me.


After Mark’s presentation, I couldn’t wait to find more secrets that the iPhone has been keeping. And here are some that I couldn’t wait to share. There are quite a few others, but I wanted to concentrate on the tips that I believe would be most useful. 

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