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40 Catchy Domains That Are STILL AVAILABLE (For Your Blog)

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Have you spent numerous hours thinking about how the heck to name your blog or what domain name to reserve for your blog? If you still haven’t landed on either name, this post is for you.

Let me start off by saying that it takes time and courage to decide whether blogging is the right thing to start in the first place. So pat yourself on the back if you’ve made it thus far. And now that you’ve decided to move forward, the next milestone will be to come up with your blog name. Your blog design will come next, and we can definitely talk about it in another post (read this to be mindful of what to avoid when coming up with your blog design).

The blog names you can use also depend on the domains that are available and whether you can claim the name that you want. 

The best way to attack the naming of your blog is to start with searches of available domains. The reason I say this is because, by the time you’ve thought of a genius blog name, the domain for that name may not be available so you’re back to square one. 

As far as domains are concerned, it’s more common to have a blog that ends in .com. You’ll want to go that route especially because most of your readers will be more likely to remember your domain name and not pay particular attention to the extension. So try to stick with available domains that end in .com. 

About The List

website names for your blog

So the purpose of this post is to share 30 Catchy Domain addresses that are still available if you are still looking around. It took me a while, but my general thinking was to find sites that will be easy for people to remember and to stick in their mind. I tried to keep the list high level, but the list does tend to lean towards productivity and side income. However, I hope that other names are general enough to be molded into any niche. 

One last piece of advice before we dive right in is that you should reserve the domain even if you’re not yet ready to setup your blog (like hosting and WordPress). Because there is a limited number of .com sites available as it is, if any of the addresses below resonate – go ahead and reserve. You can always link your domain with the host provider when you’re ready to setup you blog. This way, you get dibs on the domain and don’t have to incur the monthly hosting fees, especially if you’re not sure when you’ll be launching.

Please noteGoDaddy is the site that I used for these searches to see if the domains are still available. I won’t include the prices of these domains because they are subject to change (from the time this post is published). The prices also depend on popularity, catchy-ness, length, etc. In fact, GoDaddy sometimes terms some of these websites as “premium domains” because they are more likely to drive traffic to that site. To clarify further, “premium domains” can range in cost from hundreds of dollars to thousands. 

So some of these sites may or may not be premium, just so that everyone has the right expectations level set. With that said, here is the list …


30 Catchy Domains that are STILL available:

website name ideas

  1. Eat, Sleep,
  2. Money
  3. Blogs ‘R’ Us:
  4. Side Hustles:
  5. 1,2,3
  6. Blog Hard or Go
  7. Blog Slave:
  8. Blogger in Motion:
  9. Blog in Motion:
  10. Dream Blogger:
  11. Hustle is Muscle:
  12. Daily Grinds:
  13. Blog My World:
  14. Easy Blogging:
  15. Busy Blog Bee:
  16. Productivity Blog:
  17. Relentless Blogger:
  18. Relentless Blog:
  19. Passion Blogging:
  20. IQ Blog:
  21. Everyday Hustle:
  22. The Blog:
  23. Make and Save:
  24. Weekly Blog:
  25. Daily Blog:
  26. Honey Blogging:
  27. Oh My Blog:
  28. Beta Blog:
  29. Alpha Blogger:
  30. Let’s Get Blogging:
  31. Forever Blogger:
  32. Girl that Blogs:
  33. Mr. Blogger:
  34. Blogger Nation:
  35. Side Blogger:
  36. Blogger Lady:
  37. Blog Sense:
  38. Blogger Be:


And a few bonus domains that are just a tad bit long, but I still think they’re pretty catchy.

Other Ideas

None of these float your boat? Check out my post on “How To Come Up With A UNIQUE Name For Your Blog.” LINK TO ARTICLE It goes into a lot of detail about naming and gives you actionable tips on how to come up with a creative name for your blog. And if that didn’t help either, let’s have a chat. Seriously, send me a note and I’ll be happy to brainstorm together.


Finding the right domain name to match your blog can be tricky and a bit of a long “soul-searching” process. Hope that something on this list resonated with you or at least inspired you to think of a creative name for your blog!If you decide to purchase a domain from this list, please comment or send me a note below! I would really appreciate it so that I can update this list to be more in sync with reality!

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I love hearing from you and as always would love to learn your ideas, perspectives, and comments. If you found this list helpful and would like me to share more lists like this with a certain focus, please let me know! If there is enough interest, I’ll do another list on that topic. 

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