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    6 Apps That Pay You To Workout

    There are mobile apps that pay you to exercise, here is your guide

    Day 1: You wake up early and go for a run. It feels good to burn some calories. Day 2: You skip running and sit on your couch, eating a cheesy pizza with Coke. We all have done this, haven’t we? One moment we decide to follow a strict diet and break a sweat in the gym. Unfortunately,  before we know it, our motivation has died and we are back to square one. So how about an incentive which would tempt you to get off from your bed and workout? Let’s be honest. Money is the best motivator. Here are 6 apps that pay you to work out. Sounds interesting,…

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    Be Savvy

    Use Bad Reviews To Your Advantage

    Customers are more likely to voice their opinion about a negative experience that they had than a positive one. That’s just the way of life. Think about the last time you were looking for a restaurant to dine in, or…

  • habits of the rich
    Make Money

    5 Things Rich People Have In Common

    From owning a jet to buying exquisite diamonds, we all have daydreamed about getting rich at least once in our life. Your definition of wealth may differ from that of another person, but we all want a luxurious and comfortable life with…

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    Be Savvy

    7 Hidden IPhone Secrets

    I’m all about knowledge and when I encounter something cool (and productive!), I want to tell everyone about it. Yes, I’m that type of person. I’ve been an iPhone user since it first came out in 2007, and thought I…